The address is used for testing of Rebex components. For more information about the components, please visit the official website at

Following services are provided on the

Protocol Port Username/password Connect with component Server implemented using
FTP 21 demo/password Rebex FTP/SSL
FTP/SSL (explicit mode) 21 demo/password
FTP/SSL (implicit mode) 990 demo/password
SFTP 22 demo/password Rebex SFTP Rebex File Server
SSH 22 demo/password Rebex Terminal Emulation
IMAP 143 demo/password Rebex Secure Mail
IMAP/SSL (explicit mode) 143 demo/password
IMAP/SSL (implicit mode) 993 demo/password
DAYTIME 13 not needed Rebex Time
TIME 37 not needed
SNTP 123 not needed


Tip: Run SFTP and SSH server on your machine in 3 easy steps:

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